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Weight Lifting Belt and Lifting Straps - Weightlifting Belts for Men and Women – Leather Lifting Belt, Deadlift and Squat Belt

The Leather Weightlifting Belt That Doesn’t Need A Giant Logo

Imagine if fitness equipment just focused more on performance and less on how “cool” their giant logo looked slapped on it. Because let’s face it, sometimes those logos are UG-LY! And THAT gets in the way of a good weights session. Not only do you feel like a bit of a douche in the gym, but many lifters have missed out on some pretty epic off-brand accessories just because they hated the logo.

So, we simply made lifting belts for real lifters who are here to LIFT without distraction.

For starters, it’s genuine leather

No, not that fake PU leather stuff, but real old school leather - the same stuff that the strongman, Olympic and powerlifting greats use to wrap around those thick torsos.

It’s 4 inches wide, un-tapered, 10mm thick support for optimized Intra-Ab Pressure and the support you’re looking for today. No jumbo logos. No fancy colors. Just a solid brace for a solid lift.

Now, let’s talk rivets.

You’ve probably heard about how the pop off other belts. These, are NOT those. Instead we spent your hard earned money on industrial strength rivets for YOUR support belt. And we back it with a 90-Day Warranty. It’s on us if those rivets break during that time (... spoiler alert, they won’t).

Finally, we bundled this beast with matching leather wrist wraps / lifting straps. You’ll be using them with your exercise belt, so we made sure they can handle the same loads without stretching or ripping after a day. You’re smart, and you know they’ll break eventually - but that’s a LONG way off.

So go ahead, check out the sizing picture and choose the right size lower back support for you